To and from work today for the 1st time!

Following J’s example I took Lil’ Thump to work today. Every thing went well but I did have some scary hesitation a couple times (always in 4th gear usually under load doing between 35-45), possibly something in my carb (it wasn’t the carb). I’ll probably clean the carb out and hope (ended up taking the bike to The Scooter Lounge for a tune up). The bike will easily do 45mph, 50 isn’t going to happen with any headwind or incline (or with the load we will be sporting).


6 thoughts on “To and from work today for the 1st time!

  1. The ride is fun and the bike does well on surface streets. I’m getting some looks I believe and already have had a nice talk with someone who recalled his experiences from yesteryear on a trail bike.

  2. Great work. How did it feel? Are you able to do a 200 mile day on it? I order all my parts but won’t have them till the 21 st.

    1. I think I’ll be able to do a 200. It is a pretty comfy ride, and if we are doing 30-40mph it will feel pretty good. I think we’ll need to take rest stops every 50-60 miles but we’ll totally be able to do it.

      What parts do you need still?

      Jared wrote and he wants to go too. He will be getting a vintage ’77 Honda XL125 possible and I told him that should be just fine.


  3. I CAN’T BELIEVE JAREDS IN. This is so awsome.
    My ride to work the other day ended in braking my rear brakes. I believe i didn’t tighten down my screw after replacing my tire. I have orded brake sensors front and back. New brake rod, some bolts and washers for my Rt foot peg. After the 21st I think I will be 100%. I called about insurance and my company doesn’t carry motorcycle, so I will need to call around. Where did you get yours?

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