Prep Ride Complete!!!

I wish I had some good pics (Jus and Jared you guys will have to get some loaded), but we finished the prep run today! It was… a partial success. Dan had to bail on it, so the three of us headed out for the first real test of the bikes (long ride is coming up really soon). It felt awesome to hit the road in Lehi, we were comfortable in the sun with the breeze cooling us perfectly for the ride. It is quite a statement to see a small pack of Trail bikes trying to blend with busy Saturday traffic. We made it to the Walmart in Saratoga and I realized my bike just wasn’t going to make it at the speeds we were going to need to maintain (above 35 was just not getting enough fuel). We pulled over there and had a mini DTR and it was decided that for the good of the ride I would go back to our staging area and the two able 110s would set out for fame and glory without me. Yes, there was shame as I limped my way back. Upon arriving at home I listed my 110 for sale:(. I now have 3 weeks to get a bike up and legal for the long ride.

Jus and Jared completed probably more than 170 miles in 6 or so hours – what men!!!! I am so proud to be related to these guys:). They said it was tiring but fun. I think we are still excited for the Epic Trek, but I believe they know deep down in their saddles that this ain’t gonna be no walk in the park.


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