Military Sleep System for ET2

I broke down, after talking with D about the trek this year, and bought a “used like new” military sleep system! I have used these a couple times in the past and was very impressed. I thought they would be out of the budget, but a check on and i found mine for about $75 shipped. This means no tent this year to haul around and hopefully saving some weight. Last year my little CT110 was way overloaded carrying my 55lbs plus of gear. This year my goal is 25lbs of gear.
cool info about the bag

I got it!!!!


2 thoughts on “Military Sleep System for ET2

  1. I weighed the green bag and the bivy bag in the carry sack and it was 5.4lbs. That’s not quite as light as Juston’s gear but it is close (and a dramatic improvement over last year).

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