New Seat (Rust Removal & New Cover)

A quick vid of the process:

So, I bought a new seat (used and old, but new to me). This is an eBay special off an ’84 (Seat I have on there right now is actually off of 76 I found out). The skyjacker seat experiment (used the old foam from an 84 Honda ATC) was probably not the best idea and not the best use of time. I got this seat for $50 shipped. The cover was bad but the foam and frame were in great shape. So, the frame had a little bit of rust, and I recalled that I had seen on a forum how to remove surface rust. So I grabbed the last of the bottle of vinegar that we keep for cleaning the floors, and filled up the sink with some warm water and added the vinegar. After about a half an hour I could rub the surface rust off of the seat. It was amazing! I’m going to leave the pan in the sink overnight and see how much will come off. Tomorrow I’ll Dry the seat pan and get it painted with my truck bedliner to keep it covered and keep the rust off for good.

In the picture above you can see where the rust has dropped off. The whole grey part was originally covered in surface rust.

I tried my hand again at sewing the seat cover and we’ll see how it turns out. I’ll post pictures later when I’m done.

Finished everything and mounted the “new” seat.


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