Successful Proof Run!

Today’s run was excellent. We left at the designated time and miraculously we seemed to miss all the stormy weather (until we hit the rain and hail that is). We saw desert, mountain and lakes (well lake and reservoir).  Juston’s new bike cruises nicely with the 42 tooth, and from a good distance Jared bike looks like a Harley with those new saddle bags.

Here’s a few shots of some the wonderful stuff we saw.


Five Mile Pass met a nice guy from UTMA

Ruin of Crows

Here’s where I was almost attacked by the crow.

Juston saw the reasons I was almost attacked
Vintage bikes, vintage pumps

Vernon Reservoir

Beautiful place to hangout, nasty place to use the restroom.


Lost a bolt, but still had 3, no problem
Lost a bolt, but still had 3, no problem



Little Sahara

Entry to Little Sahara, we had to pay homage.



Heavy Rain and HAIL!!
Heavy Rain and  dang that HAIL hurt!!
Looking east across Utah Lake, Y Mount in the distance.
This was amazing, the picture doesn’t show how steep this actually was. We shifted in to low and Juston made it 1/2 way (I think he was a little skittish after an earlier wreck) and Jared kept it going all the way to the top!! Those low trannys are worth every penny.
coming down the steep hill
looking east across the lake toward Provo and south

P1030477 P1030479 P1030480 P1030482 P1030483 P1030484 P1030485P1030489 P1030490

233 miles for my part of the trip, top speed not quite where I thought it would be, average speed pretty normal.


Near stung experience when we passed by dozens of hives after we trekked through a wonderful small canyon.
Burgers and fries at Reed’s in Nephi (also warmed up from the hail storm)

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