Mounts & 42 Tooth, oh and my new bubble:)

Today I received my RAM mount for my Garman GPS unit. I received my GoPro helmet camera mounts and my 42 tooth sprocket (I think I found all of these on Amazon). Now I just need to mount it all.

Since me and Danny are going to be crossing the Nevada desert (just us for this portion) the GPS is more critical than ever. We both have the exact same systems and as long as they work well (and we don’t run out of batteries) we should be just fine. GoPro helmet mounts will really help out with filming. Last year I used a handlebar mount and it created so much vibration and a shaky wavy video. We’ve used the helmet mount for GoPros, while riding the sand dunes on ATVs, and it’s just a far superior picture mounted on your head. I’m counting on the 42 tooth sprocket to give me the gas mileage and the top end speed to keep up with everybody else that has already gone that route.




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