All My Bags Are Packed…

Here we go already to bug out tomorrow, me and Danny gonna hit the desert and drive as long as we can. Here’s the bike already to go. I believe all said and done I’m probably 15-20lbs lighter than the last Epic Trek. Hoping it makes a big difference.


See you in Cali if we make across 600 miles of UT and NV desert.
I can’t wait to ride!!!!



4 thoughts on “All My Bags Are Packed…

    1. I weighed my clothes in my dry bag and my sleep gear and was at 16lbs. Now that doesn’t include my basket, ruck sack and sundry other items but it is much better than last year. I’m thinking I’m at right around 30lbs.

      1. Nice. I know the gear I’m wearing is heavier this year. But I think I’m about the same weight everywhere else.

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