Rattle Snakes, Lost on Dirt Roads, but We Made it to Reno!

I’m so tired. I wish I had more energy to really explain about today. However I’m in a hotel in Reno and it is the worst hotel I’ve ever seen. Literally I don’t have the energy to explain just how nasty this place is. If we make it without having the bikes stolen all will be great.

We made great time to Fallon (hope I’m think of the right name – too pooped to think straight) so much so that we had to press on. The nice thing was it was only 30 miles away – NOT! That was via I80 and we weren’t going to try that again. So now it was double the distance, but still doable. Until we decided to look for an imaginary dirt trail frontage road, did I mention it didn’t exist? We went on some seriously gnarly dirt trails and that’s when I almost ran over a rattle snake (he was pissed at all the noise my 110 was making). Snake was no kidding 4 or 5 feet from my front tire and poised to strike! Dan of course wanted to hold the snake, but decided to intimidate it away into a bush. It worked but was actually pretty scary as the trail had us dependent on sticking our feet out to not wipeout! We wasted a couple hours trying to get out of that mess but we decided we wouldn’t let common sense win so we set out in the dark to Reno. After almost dying along the road several times 🙂 we happened to get to Reno during a bowling tourney, so we got stuck in the only hotel with a vacancy. I’ll get the vid of the snake up ASAP (which means next week), for now this is all I have for you.





Oh, here’s the stats Juston asked for.



4 thoughts on “Rattle Snakes, Lost on Dirt Roads, but We Made it to Reno!

  1. I see no gps update. What are the daily stats. Was this a fun day? or a day you wish to forget. Can’t wait to meet up tomorrow.

  2. No snake bites, only lost once, low life motel, 249 mile on the first day. Sounds like an adventure to me! Way to go!

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