A Bridge Shot from CA



Here’s some of my unedited notes as we travelled around on ET2

Day 2

Found a little diner coming out of toibey national forest, the ride through the forest was very curvey and sometimes even a little scary with the drop offs, but oh so scenic. The ride on the loneliest highway has been fun. We just filled up gas too and once again I took 2 tenths of a gallon more than Dan’s efficient little sipper.

Thursday I guess, what a day! We made it to the ocean and before that enjoyed so much wonderful Redwood scenery and even picked up some nice patches ( good collection from this years ride). It is so much amazing scenery that it kind of blends together. I know that might sound like a cop out but it really has been amazing.

The ride on 101 was one of the most beautiful roads I’ve been on. It take should through forest and to the coast. At the coast we played around in the fog and rocky beach, found hundreds of critters (snails, hermit crabs, starfish, other bigger crabs and even some fish). The guys were running around just like kids, it was fun to watch. After the ocean it was back to 101 and more mountain riding with spectacular scenery, but we had a mishap. Joseph lost his spark arrestor which was promptly run over by Tommy. Maybe an hour after that Juston had a flat, and after that I got separated from the group. This was turnii g out to be quite the day. I ended up going a head to get gas while the others got I usher talking after Justons flat and went to a place called Trinidad, gased up and waited. Then I waited some more. At this point I was wondering if they could have passed Trinidad to go to a larger town down the road, so I went to investigate. They weren’t at the next town so of course I wondered if they were on to yet the next. Before the next town was a scenic lookout so i waited there where i could enjoy the ocean view and kep an eye on the 101 freeway. My plan to find them was going sour. So what did I do? Of course I moved on to the next town, Eureka. I never should have done it. There I waited at a gas station along the 101, but still nothing. Getting desperate I drove back towards Trinidad but I only went as far as Acadia – not far enough. Back to Eureka and head to McDonald’s to eat lunch and borrow wifi. My wonderful. Wife made calls for me from home and fixed every thing and soon I was back with the group. We made good time zipping down the 101, lots of speed. In fact I remember thinking how fast my bike felt (I’m sure the detached muffler helped as well as the sea level ride). That thought was followed by what felt like the engine seizing and my rear tire skidding some 12-15 feet while doing about 55-60 down a nice hill. Scary doesn’t quite describe the feeling of the situation. When you lock a rear wheel you aren’t supposed to unlock it as you can get launched as the bike gyroscopically corrects (science wasn’t my strong suit), luckily I was traveling in a strait line as the bike went in and out of the skid and I was able to brake and get the bike to the shoulder. I sat there for a moment and knew my Epic Trek was over (a little after putting 1200 miles behind me – Provo, UT- Reno, NV- Mammoth Caves, OR- 20 miles south of Eureka,CA). I hoped off the bike to find oil all over the rear wheel and back of th bike. Done. Dan and Tommy came back and the crew united on the side of the road to assess the situation. I learned that I had sprayed Dan and tommy with oil it was all over windshield and visor. Two near death experiences was enough, half the crew went on the other stayed to help me make arrangements to have the ET2 support crew pick me up. Two hours later with the CT tucked in snugly in the TAB we were on our way, Juston and Dan having left 75 minutes earlier. The ride through ther rest or 101 and then 1 was awesome with the support crew, though nothing can replace being on a bike. We made it to our foggy coastal camp spot and here I wait for the guys to arrive. It is 11:13PM.

Another flat for Juston. The Epic Trekkers made it in to camp shortly before dark for the first two and just after dark for the other three (the ones fixing the flat). In the lower elevations they measured temps on the asphalt at 108! Here in the mnts. It is much more comfortable. Each day the riders come in to they look more fatigued than the day before, it is brutal. Bikes are running, all but mine, but Dan’s electric is shot (blew my headlight that we put in there at least it worked for the night ride the other night) and Joey’s bike is running rough. Don’t know if they are going to ride today or pack it in.



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