Efficiency and Reliability, that’s all I want!

So, one of the reasons I love the CT 110 (and CT90 of course) and all those little old Honda bikes is because of their efficiency and reliability. I’m amazed at how a bike that old can still perform so well after so many years.

About a month ago I was looking around at ways to make motorcycles more fuel-efficient, I’ve always wanted a bike that could get over hundred miles per gallon, and I stumbled across this website:


The numbers Mr. Vetter reported getting using his fairing I found outrageous and amazing! Can you imagine getting a couple hundred miles per gallon?! How about 300?! Check out Craig’s website to see what kind of miles per gallon they were getting on motorcycles when they were doing his fuel efficiency challenge. I thought how cool would it be to put his faring on my CT 110 and take a vehicle it’s so efficient and push it even further. So of course I shot Mr. Vetter an email and ask him how plausible that would be.

While cooped up recovering from hip replacement surgery he took the time to respond to my questions about using his fairing on a CT 110. Note what he says about his favorite bike:).


So, I guess I won’t be using a faring on the CT 110, but maybe I’ll start looking for a little ninja 250 that would be fun

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