Drilling out the 125 Lifan

So this was interesting. That Lifan has been sitting in my basement for months now and I finally decided I had to at least mount it in the frame of the ’84 CT110. The problem is the holes in the engine where it mounts are too narrow, so I made a trip to the hardware store and picked up what I thought would be the right ones. Got home only to find that they too were too big! So, back to the internet to search for the right ones. There I stumbled upon a posting where someone drilled out the aluminum holes to make them fit, why not? So I did that (vid below) with the help of my wife hung the engine on with the top bolt. Pretty cool to see it in place and I of course am already thinking of the extra couple horse power that 125 will have, when I look for the lower hole. Crap! It doesn’t line up! Not even close it will take a bracket to make it work! So I think I’m back to making the 125m Honda motor from the ATC work. What a bummer, that Lifan looks so good in there.

Thanks to Jeff for pointing me to theses

While they were out of stock at dratvhonda.com they were available at tboltusa.com (another place that has lots of good CT type parts) $25 though.

I guess I better order them.

5 thoughts on “Drilling out the 125 Lifan

    1. Yes, that would be perfect, if they were in stock :). I’m trying to find a set now as I really want to try out the Lifan, if you have any other sources for a part like that please let me know.

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