This One Is Not About Bikes

Religion is a big deal in my family (we live in UT so you can imagine) and this might be hard to believe but me and my brothers (my Trekker bros, I have lots of brothers) are all of differing religious beliefs (or disbeliefs in some case). We were raised with the same religious background by parents that did there best to be faithful. Well as we have grown older some of us have changed views some have not.

I don’t know for sure, but I think most would agree having differing religious views can be a challenge in any family. My family has some serious opinions and those opinions are held by people who know they are absolutely right. Unfortunately this knowledge that we are the right ones can lead sometimes unintentionally to hurt feelings or discussions that bring up painful topics. We had one of these not so fun interactions yesterday, what a Sunday. I recall my shaking thumbs as I tried to compose a response to an email from one brother, pacing around the home talking to another brother on the phone and more emails.

In the end love trumped all religious differences I am grateful to say. I love my brothers and I’m glad these religious differences can be overcome quickly and not be something that keeps us from each other.

In the grand scheme I see the human race as family and wish we could have our religions and keep our relationships healthy in spite of our differing views. Blood has got to be thicker than our differences.


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