Okay More Ranting, This Time About An Alleged Idiot

So, I think this made news in a lot of places. This 35 year old alleged idiot chips out and steals a Dino track in Moab.

Now, Moab is one amazing place, if you’ve never been and have the means it is a must visit location. In fact there’s nothing like seeing it on a the back of a Honda CT (I think we have some sweet video of us touring the 110s through Arches Nat. park somewhere). Moab is world renowned for its scenery, cool pictographs and dino-ological sites.

What makes me even more sick is that this wiener is from Moab. He knows how important these relics are to his city both from a historical and from a tourism perspective. This is the kind of behavior you might expect from somebody who just doesn’t think before they act, a teenager maybe, but not a guy who is 35 years old! Could the story get any lamer? Yes! This terd, when he’s done, throws the fossil in the river!!! What an idiot.

If I remember correctly he could get a maximum of 45 years in prison. That might be a bit too much for the crime, but I’m not against kicking him in the groin a few times with that dino fossil.

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