PVC is cool!

Recently I’ve started to contemplate keeping my 1983 Honda Nighthawk 650

20140620-103625.jpg it’s a beautiful low mileage (18,000ish miles) vintage bike with a few problems that need addressing, but I think it could be an awesome adventure touring bike (I must admit I didn’t think about it as a tourer until I saw this guy’s adventures on his Nighthawk).

So I’ve been looking at what I could do about a gear rack that might also provide some lumbar support and I came across this cool idea for keeping riding gear from getting funky.

20140620-103843.jpg here’s the link if you want the plans. gear rack

Here’s what I think I want for the rack, only out of pvc. Check out the back rest, that might make a long trip much more comfortable. Of course I would like the support maybe a little bit lower and I don’t want the rack hanging so far off the back of the bike. Also, I don’t think I’ll do panniers, just lumbar and gear rack, maybe a windshield.


More later on this thread…


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