Day 1 – Grand Junction to Trappers Lake

Slept in Frutia, CO got in around 11PM the night before.

We found a remote spot and setup camp. Juston slept in the bed of the truck between the bikes.
Jared slept in a hammock between the truck and a tree.
It was a bit of a rough night.

Woke up around 7 packed up, filled up then found a place to leave the truck.

Unloaded the bikes, packed and geared up. We were on the road by 8 ish.

We ended up going back out of town past our camp spot.

About 15 miles into the trip, Juston noticed that his electrical was not working. We found an Ace Hardware in the next town so we stopped to figure it out. Fuse was good. One of the battery plugs was not lined up and bent. Fixed it, but then had a mini electrical fire on the phone charger and blew the fuse.

Now we needed a fuse. Who knew the came in a few different lengths. Needed a sort one. Had to by a mixed pack and still ended up with a 14A vs a 10A. Electrical works, but now headlight is dead. No night riding for us on this trip!

Back on the road.
Got passed by a guy with a couple of large sheds on a trailer (wide load) didn’t give us much space. Grr!

Pretty climb up switch backs. Pretty drive over all. Got some Mexican to eat in Meeker. Mmm good. Back on the road. It was 1 ish and we had already covered 150 miles, with only about 50 to go.


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