We have done vintage small, time for Honda’s biggest bikes of the ’80s

Z was first to purchase his beast, a 1980 Honda Goldwing GL1100. This monster is non-running at the moment, but only has 25k on it and looks like a great platform to build off of. He’s into it $820 so far and will need electric and carb work as well as a new saddle. Can’t wait to hear this straight piped Goliath roar.


Epic Trek 2015 will be bigger than ever before.

Epic Trek 2015 Flight of the Oldwings will have some different rules than previous Epic Treks. The Oldwing must be from the ’80s (or earlier) and road legal and registered for no more than $2015. On this Trek we will earn our iron butt awards, so these beasts will have to be reliable. Rough plan is to ride east through the southern states then up the east coast and back to UT through the north. Might have to take a full 7 days.

Uh, one more rule, we each must purchase a sweet (hideous) vintage Goldwing belt buckle to go with our bike and must proudly wear said buckle for the entire trek (okay, maybe that’s not critical).



4 thoughts on “We have done vintage small, time for Honda’s biggest bikes of the ’80s

  1. I love it. That one matches Z’s personality perfectly. Get that thing over to Rogers for a quick fix and tune. I want to drive that one for sure. The belt buckle is amazing dtw.

  2. Here in South Africa there was a biking legend- he rode over 1.2 million kilometres (divide by 1.6 for miles) on a Goldwing. He did not miss a rally in South Africa. My wife has taken my laptop to a conference otherwise I would have shown the photo to you, I think it is the same model at this one you posted… Des died earlier this year and the Bike SA mag stated that his Goldwing was donated to a famous motorbike museum in South Africa…

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