I Found My Old Gold Wing!

There isn’t really I bike I’ve come across that I don’t like, in fact I love motorcycles. There are lots I wouldn’t own, but I still love em all. Since we brothers started touring on the CT110s my motorcycle fever has gotten worse and worse, and Z has been pulled into the addiction too. I currently own a CT110, Motoped (still need to build), Z50 replica bike, ’83 Honda Nighthawk 650, 1980 CB750 Custom and as of now a Gold Wing!

Z had been getting on my case regularly since he purchased his ’81 Old Wing several weeks ago, so I finally set up a time to go check this monster out.

She’s a 1977 Honda Gl1000 and on my first night of ownership I drove her home about 40 miles and I must say she did pretty good (and at freeway speeds most of the way). I think she does need new steering head bearings, which I have ordered, but other than that everything seems to work! I even have a lead on some Vetter bags that will match my set up from a nice guy i met on the Vetter Owners Group site.


I first found this Old Wing on eBay and bid, but the bike never made the reserve bid, so I contacted the seller (who was local) and after a few weeks of negotiating he came down to what I hope was a decent deal. Since then I’ve been getting to know this behemoth slowly.

Last night I learned that you can kickstart these beasts so today I played around in the garage and tried it out for myself. (Don’t mind the smoke, I guess these Oldwings do that on start up).

Now it is time for names and prep for a possible coast to coast next year. Meant wait!

Here’s the bags I’m hoping to put on her:





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