Ebay, Where I Go To Outfit My Gold Wing

Z and I realized the other day that we are roughly 6 months away from our coast to coast flight of the Old Wings ride (which is looking to be about 6000 miles or more). It’s looking like the trip will go SLC to Seattle and then over to the east coast (maybe Boston) then Z wants to head down to Florida. If we go that route we might have to hit New Orleans on the way back.

Anyway there are a number of things that we need to do before we put that many miles on these vintage bikes. Z is working on the GL1100’s carbs and has mentioned they are totally frozen at the moment, well at least he knows the bike will run after the carbs are remedied. I’m working on creature comforts. I just purchased a NOS Vetter windshield for a good deal on eBay, I sure hope it fits:).

I think this will mount well and now I’ll be able see through the windshield and not worry about it rattling off while I’m driving.

I also bid on a Corbin seat, and won it! When I bought the bike I rode home 40 miles and didn’t really like the fit and feel of the stock the seat, of course the handlebars were in a position that didn’t suit me either. This started me wondering how I would fair on that seat for 1000s of miles. I started looking around for aftermarket seats for this bike and found Corbin, unfortunately they are spendy (and the rules of this Epic Trek include a $2015 spend limit on the bikes). Perfectly timed I found this on ebay and got excited.


I already got my bearings for the steering head and my Seafoam just arrived!


Waiting on my bags and timing belts and I’ll be almost ready to roll! Can’t wait!


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