Vetter and Corbin Don’t Mix?

Let me start off by saying those Vetter trunks sure are mounted with lots of bolts! Those bolts, I think there were 10 of them, had to come off in order to fit the new Corbin seat on.

IMG_2770.JPGUnfortunately when I wrench I often end up with painful trophies. Once I was dropping the fuel tank on my ’90 Suburban when my ratchet came off the bolt I was loosening and swung around popped me right in the corner of my right the eye, it hurt so bad I involuntarily dry-heaved. Today wasn’t so bad, but still prompted a short string of profanity to quietly pass across my lips.

So, I got the trunk off after more hassle than I had hoped for and went to set the new seat on, I’m pretty sure I was wearing a smile until i realize the seat won’t sit down all the way due to the Vetter mounts for the hard saddlebags. Drat! So close! I would just drop the Vetter stuff in the back, but I love it too much (and think it will make a lot of sense for the trip). So that’s where I am, great seat that will fit after some modifications.


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