Highland to Vernon and back

Solo and cherry bomb put down a hundred mile ride today. The news said it was going to be 43 degrees today.  I thought since I can snowmobile in weather much colder than this, I can motorcycle in it.
     Left my place around noon. Went out through Lehi and had a break at five mile pass. It was a mud filled mess. We ate a snack and watched the bikes and quads chuck mud. Then headed west to the small town of Faust. It’s basically a stop sign and a turn. Just 5.6 miles to the south we stopped at the only commercial establishment.


The silver sage. They had a sign out saying under new management. We went in and meet Brian and Jenny the new owners. They gave us a cup of hot chocolate followed by an amazing bacon cheese burger and a grilled chicken sandwich. Brian was amazed at the stories and adventures we have had on the ct110’s. Found out he has a loud Harley and has been on a few of the same rides we have gone on in the past.
   With our new friends made we decided to have a new traditions of doing a winter ride to the silver sage and reconnect with our new friends.  On the way back we stopped for a picture next to this old thing. (Lil-bore remember this?)



Rust ring, it was an amazing ride. Sorry you wussed out because of a little cold weather.  I will add a fun video later.  They chewed up the road and made it a gravel road. Kind of fun to drive on.


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