Embrace the Ugly, Pride What’s That?

So, my brothers tend to enjoy, as do I, things that are ugly and vintage and that stand out like a sore thumb. So in keeping with their sweet stylish ways I picked up a couple of pair of leather chaps this weekend. (Now only one brother has no chaps)

Here are some screen shots of the ones I got. I think these will really help me fit in, not that I ever lacked in the ugly dept.  Both of these were had on ebay for less than $35 each including shipping.


These are vintage Vetter Leather chaps, simple and butch. Pure testosterone.


These are some made in California brand.  Testosterone with a dash of pixie dust. I actually won these on accident, but the more I look at them the more I fall in love with those frilly sides. Black to match the Z50 Replica.

After a thorough disinfecting I think I’m gonna love these chaps!

After telling Justone that I had purchased my chaps he said, “Your life is gonna change.” 🙂


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