The Black Monkey Will Become the Silver Back!

As the date draws nearer and nearer to EL Epico Trekker I’ve been worrying about the small fuel capacity of the Black Monkey.  I think the tiny stock tank is like 1.2 gallons.  That is just not enough for a trek like what we are going to do.  So I thought about different ways to mount fuel containers and I looked in to Rotopax and other modular fuel systems, but they are just so darned expensive!  So I thought, what if I upsize my tank? 


The Gorilla tanks boast a 9 liter capacity, that’s over 2 gallons!  That could work. So with not too much time for shipping I ordered this from Japan.  I hope it makes it in time.


Webike is the company I chose, so far they have been great to communicate with.  It’s gonna look awesome and work well I think.

Just for fun, here is a great article about the fastest monkey bike on earth. Guess how fast it goes?


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