El Epico Trekker, So Close To Ready!

Got the new tank on the Z50 replica, it is now the Silver Back.  Working on getting the seat modified to fit with the new larger tank, hopeful that I’ve got it just about there.  Working on the emissions crap that doesn’t quite go with my new tank and air filter (Lotta changes right before we depart I know! Hoping it will all work out).
Got all my leather cleaned and set up for the ride. 


I’ve never worn so much leather riding, I feel like a true road warrior with it all on. All I need is the blue healer and half a set of football pads and I would be there.


The pile of leather is like 16lbs, enough leather to cover a good chunk of an adult cow!


Look at that fringe… this definitely is the closest to looking like one of the village people that I’ve achieved.  Hideous!


That’s my jacket!

The leather will, I think, go great with the bike.


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