Day 1 – 6 Start, 6 End but two are replaced…

The day started at 3:38 AM (PST) when D and T arrived to the room after driving all night.

Back to sleep to wake up at 6:45 and prep to go.

As we prepare to leave, D’s starter falls off his bike. Unfortunately that was only the beginning of issues that the bike had, ultimately leading to the decision that the smaller bikes were just not going to be able to handle the punishment we put these bikes to.

D and T decided to call it after paying $10 each to enter the parking lot of Lake Mead…

In addition, to the bike troubles we were having, we had to stop at practically every stop light out of Vegas. Leading to a very slow start.

Hoover dam and the near by bridge were both very impressive.

Next we had a pretty long stretch of busy road through Arizona’s last stop (gas) and Santa Clause’s land office then on to Kingman. One of the bikes was not running well during this section taking a bit longer than expected.

We arrived in Kingman around 2 and briefly visited the Route 66 museum. We met a pagan guy the had went to the U. Unfortunately his expierence in Utah was not a pleasant one.

We connected with Nan and she was very close by. With a little more work, we were able to connect. We visited briefly and decided to head for Oatman down old Route 66…


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