Finally Got My Epic Trekker Vest Center Patch!

So we’ve been talking about an Epic Trekker center patch for the back of our vests for probably a year and a half now, but we’ve never done anything serious about it past some rough sketched and random chatting.

I got sick of the big blank spot on my vest and knowing that getting consensus with the very busy Trekkers is a hard hard thing to do these days (heck getting J2 to respond to an email is pert-near impossible) I made a descision.

I had an idea a while back that had been percolating, a simple back-patch, unique and that kind of fit with the kind of riding we’ve done, so I sent the idea to a guy in Vietnam who I found on eBay.  


Great guy, coordinated the proofs and got me a very nice product for a fair price.   

If you use him tell him Epic Trekker sent you. 

So here’s the patch loaded on my vest.   

I think it turned out just right 😎.  


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