Out for a Friday Afternoon Ride

Well, I’ve been itching to see what the 2011 Honda CBR250R could do when pushed to keep up on some curvey mountain roads and I got the chance yesterday. 

My stepdad bought this beauty recently and has been enjoying it quite a bit so I had a willing co-rider.  
Now that three wheeled Spyder has more than just an extra wheel when compared to the CBR250R. The engine is quite a bit more powerful than my little quarter liter bike.   

Utah has lots of natural beauty, and many fun roads to ride a bike on. This time we went up Provo Canyon, passed Bridal Veil Falls and the turn off to Sundance and skirted the edge of Deer Creek reservoir.  After some putting around in Midway we headed to Francis passing cliffs and twisty roads bordering a meandering river. Then up to Wolf Creek campgrounds (which were still closed and kind of messy). The camp ground is pretty close to the summit and we estimated that we were pretty close to 10,000 feet (still snow in patches on the ground). The scenery and roads were great, but there were threatening clouds so we headed back down. We got out of the canyon with a few sprinkles and feeling a little chilled. 

Pushing to keep up with the Can-am on the hills I expected my MPGs would drop, here’s what Fuelly said:   

 I couldn’t believe it!  First fill up I calculated 84.9 mpgs! I can’t believe what this little bike is capable of!

We left at about 3 and I arrived home at about 7:30pm. We stopped to smell the roses a few times and eat a burger in a quaint little shop in Francis, but lots of good riding. On the way back I rode I80 past Park City and I15 and got to see how th little bike handles the highway. I wasn’t disappointed. This maybe the most functional and cost reasonable bike I’ve ever ridden. 

The bike is not perfect, and an honest review has to include the fact that off the line it will not keep up with big bikes, but when you get it up to speed it cruises very nicely and with lots of shifting you can keep it going even in  pretty hilly sections. The biggest negative by far is the rider position. It is hard to get and stay comfortable after a dozen miles in the saddle (we did roughly 200). I can’t wait to get my CB300F handle bar conversion on this bike. I think with the handlebars up and back closer to me and the front end raised another inch the CBR250R will be almost perfect. 

With bikes like this showing 50k on he dial and still getting wonderful MPGs I might have I hang on to it for a while. 

Most of my parts for the CB300F conversion will arrive next week and I’ll document the process. 


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