We Grow Old

More and more I feel my mortality, gone are the days of indestructibility. Today I got the help of the teenage rugby player and we spent some time trying to bump-start the Polaris Outlaw 525 (that needs a new battery). Up and down the driveway and street. Weather was probably in the high 80s, but felt like much much more pushing that beast (and the 525IRS is considerably heavier than the 450 straight axel). 

After some time we got it running!  However at the bottom of the hill it died and I looked longingly for my teenager, who had fled to his bedroom. 

I pushed and pushed and got it half way up the hill before I felt fatigue that reminded me I am both out of shape and no spring chicken anymore. When you have this kind of epiphany your creative side rises to the occasion. Tools!  The young man uses brute force the wise man uses tools, and I had just the tool waiting for its chance to shine. It did not disappoint. 


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