Changing Tires, I Hate Doing It 

The brothers and I have had a few experiences with flat tires on the CT110s and even though changing a tire on a trail 110 isn’t that hard to do it isn’t what you want to be doing on a hot afternoon. 

My first flat was five miles outside of Eureka City, UT and thank heaven Z had some CO2 to get me into town and under shade to work on it.  

(Click link & read about the adventure)

this sucks

We would have more of the same sort of tire changing adventures in CA too. 

Since I’m in to this budget touring I’ve been doing lots of the work on my GL1000 and learning tons about the bike and what I can and can’t do. Today was finishing the mounting of the rear tire and tube. What a pain. 

Like most of my adventures with DIY project this one started nicely. I had the right tools (I thought) and had even successfully conquered and mounted the front tire!  How hard could the rear be anyway?

So ugly its beautiful

Front tire was some work, but overall it was no big deal. 

So on to the rear tire I went. I got the wheel off no problem and then went to work on getting the tire off the rim. I tried and tried, I profaned and cried out to heaven in desperation!  No joy, that sucker wasn’t coming off. 

I really wanted to get it off the right way, but it was just too tight. So before I scared the neighbors anymore I pulled out the big gun.  

take that you nasty old tire

Remember, the wise man uses tools. 



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