Stuff done to the GL1000

I keep thinking I need to write this all down before I get riding this bike and forget all that has gone into it.  


front end off for new bearings etc
Since I picked this up last fall (2014) a lot has gone into this monster bike. 

 The goal when we did this was to keep to a strict budget. I haven’t done the final accurate talley yet.  

some elbow grease too

Here’s what’s been done I think:

  • Randakk Carb Rebuild by Pistol Pete (and Moose!) 
  • New Shinko tires & tubes front & rear (Randakk recommendation)   
  • Even new covers inside for spokes
  • New fuel filter and fuel lines
  • Awesome Corbin seat!
  • Non Corbin backrest (looks ugly works great) 
    new Corbin, back rest and vintage Samsonite!
  • New steering head bearings top and bottom (real pain) 
    finally gatting the last part off!!!
  • New windshield 
  • The balance bead thingies 
  • New Gates Timing Belts (Randakk recommendation)    
  • New Uni air filter (and full deep cleaning of the airbox)
  • New Flasher unit $15
  • New 7volt converter for gauges 
  • Off bike cleaning of Vetter Fairing
  • Dual USB port installed in fairing
  • Full Oil change (Castro for bikes)
  • Iridium Spark Plugs  
  • KN oil filter
  • Replaced fuel gauge light bulb
  • New rear brake pads 
  • Rear brakes bled and new brake fluid
  • Flush coolant new hoses (a pain!) the entire radiator was off and cleaned! 
  • Marvel Mystery Oil in gas
  • New greese in rear hub
  • New fluid in front shocks (ATF)
  • Added lower fairings
  • Nice handlebar risers (Rox)
  • Samsonite luggage and mounts
  • Heavy (and ugly) fiberglass repair of one of the Samsonite bags
  • New bolt to lock Samsonite bags  
  • Blacked out front blinkers, some paint & stickers on bike/luggage
  • Move rear blinkers
  • — new rear diff fluid
  • — adjust valves
  • — new valve cover gaskets
  • Trickle charger added for battery 
    she’s come a long way

In the end I don’t think I made t money goal.  I was probably off by $5-600 (much much more if you count labor), but dang was it a good learning experience:), and the bike seems to be running great!  

I can’t wait to take it on a serious journey.  

sitting on the big girl after she is finally back together

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