The Diesel Enfield is Quirky


finally have the little beast at home
 So me and my brother go to pick up this nasty old bike a couple weeks ago and when we are checking it out the owner starts it up so we can see that it runs. Of course we were tickled that it works, but my brother made some interesting discoveries that the owner didn’t even know about !

In the video below I show you a few   quirks we’ve discovered. 

This bike has a lot of needs.   Tires, paint, brakes, kill switch, lights, stearing head bearings, seat and transmission adjustment to name a few things. 

here it is before we bought it (no, I didn’t pay that much for it)
I’m thinking I want it to look maybe like one of the following bikes. Which one looks the best?

banana yellow



I really don’t know which one is the best looking. I’m definitely doing the single seat. 🙂 


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