Day 9, Clean up, add last few parts and order parts for the 6 – 12volt conversion 

Well, as of the last day of work my garage was a complete mess. So today I worked on putting on the last few remaining parts (auxiliary fuel tank, chain guard, down tube cover, passenger pegs painted and mounted and some loose spokes tightened) the bike is far from done, but it is in a state where I can put away the excess, piles of old bolts and miscellaneous ATC125m parts.   

 I’m pretty excited about the bike and how far it has come. Really it has to be said that if you put your mind to it this isn’t a conversion that has to take long. All you that have a 125m engine laying around that you just haven’t got around to, you can easily do it at your leisure this winter if you want to.  

 The other thing I did today way send Roger the electrical guru a text to see if he is still available to work and I ordered what I hope are the few last parts. 


From eBay:

I think, I hope that is all I’ll need to finish this little bike up.  

 Of course I have some age related cracking on my down tube cover that I will fiberglass fix and some modification to the foot pegs to make them work. 

So close I can smell the fresh air at Bear Lake.


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