Day 10, A little fiberglass fix and…

Part 1 – Still working out stuff. 

I had a relaxed day staying home from work with a gut ailment that I have yet to figure out. So today was “take care of the weak and cracked plastics day”so I don’t lose my battery cover or down tube plastic.    

   Both had pretty significant cracks in the normal CT places. For the air filter, battery and down tube covers Honda used three different kinds of plastics!  I’ll never understand why.


 So yea, my fiberglass skills are about as good as my welding, but it works!  

The black and white shows the almost complete break on the downtube  cover, a big chunk was literally hanging on by a thread. 

I cleaned them up with a file and drilled the holes out, I think they will last another 15 years.  The clear resin and fiberglass doesn’t detract too much either.

Part 2 – Electrical

So Roger the electrical tells me it will be between $180 and $300 to do the wiring.  So now I have to decide if I’m willing to spend that much or not. 

The only option is:

Wire it up myself   
 I would retrofit some kind of a kit like the Tusk one. I want to keep the look of the CT as close to stock as possible. 

I really don’t know.  Plus if I have Roger the electrical guy do it I need a battery. And the one I would need isn’t cheap. 


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