Passed Inspection

Today with all the activities – one son with a day of rugby, the siblings meeting to talk about our ailing father, there wasn’t much I planned on doing to get ready for the upcoming Trek to Bear Lake. All I wanted to do was get the CT125m to the  

 local Jiffy Lube and through the inspection process. In Utah we only have a safety inspection for bikes, no emission, so it is really cheap and really simple to get a bike road legal. In fact that is why I bought the Tusk Enduro Kit in the first place. To pass you need high and low beam headlight, running taillight, brake light, turn signals, horn and decent tires. Nothing you wouldn’t want your bike to have. The CT125m is kind of jerry-rigged so I was hoping all would go as well as my trial before the inspection. 

It did! 

 now I have only one thing left to do, get on down to the DMV and get my tags. Oh, and get insurance and do one more oil change and possibly fix my pegs (ugh).  

Then it was off to the meeting about my dad… 



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