Calling All Epic Trekkers


Blast from the past right brothers? All the way back from Epic trekker 1.

       Plan on being at my house October 3rd at 7:30 am.  Dress warm. Maybe 3 layers. We will be heading up Af canyon, morning temps could be as low as 40 degrees.
     No rain predicted in Highland but 50% chance in Bear Lake on Saturday.
Sunday is clear sailing. High of 60 and sunny.
       Essential things to bring: sleeping bag, swim suit and towel. We will be stopping for lunch and dinners,  but it might be nice to pack yourself some snacks.  I will be happy to make pancakes Saturday morning.
     Currently we have 6 riders and 4 queen beds.  If you don’t want to share a bed,  bring a pad.
     Call text or email me if you have any questions. It’s going to be just under 400 miles in two days.
       This is going to be amazing. Can’t wait to ride with my biker brothers.


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