Fury Road Trek Planning is Fun!

One of the things that I enjoy most about Epic Trekking is the plan and preparation stage. There is something about going over your plan, roughly at first and slowly refining it down to something you think is safe enough to actually pursue. 

The process for me and my brothers usually follows this rough pattern. First, one of us gets some crazy idea about doing a trip somewhere awesome on a certain special bike. Next, we start drumming up enthusiasm from the rest of the brothers and Trekkers. The second stage is usually pretty easily accomplished for most of us. Third we work on D. Often getting a firm commitment from D can be a challenge. Besides being busy he often needs to be sold on the “epicness” and eternal value of the undertaking.  Fourth, somebody buys a bike and things start getting serious (there’s some overlap in these stages for sure). Finally we start getting serious about really planning. 

That’s where we are now, several with bikes, a route determined and a start date selected. Now comes the fun. 

I’ve just started purchasing some of the things that will be needed by getting my Utah BDR map! We have done our trips using gps usually and that won’t change for this trip, but we will be carrying this map as well. 

I love thinking of all the stuff I’ll need to do to the bike to get it ready – tune up, modifications and all that. 

For this trip that will mean adequate armor. 

Decent tires. 

Rack for gear. 

Gear of some sort. 

And maybe some power and extra fuel.  

 There are going to be more things I know. In fact I talked to my brother and we both estimate it will cost at least a grand to outfit our bikes for this Epic Trek. The wife isn’t going to like this, but I’m loving this prep stage! 

Oh, and getting my biker gear sorted out:).


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