I’ve been busy with the bike.

Since we made plans for Fury Road. I have been busy putting my ride together.
      First I put a billet rack on it. Pulled a sweet deal off eBay for half the cost. 100 bucks delivered. Took me a few hours to install and it looks great. Strong and good looking.


     Next I searched long and hard to find some kind of bag to carry my gear. I found this 80L bag from a guy in Russia. Spent 119.00 with free shipping. After 6 weeks of waiting it finally came. I filled it up with sleeping bags and tried it on. I can tell already it will need a few additional straps but should be a great bag for what we are doing.


      Then while doing some research and playing on Amazon I found a Nelson-Rigg tank bag.  Amazon had it to me in two days.(I love fast shipping) Everide recommended a pair of gloves so I added that to my order. Tank bag 56.00, gloves 35.00.


      Next up was my street legal kit. I went with the tusk kit. It is a good kit with everything you need to get it street legal. Took me a few days of playing around with it to get it all figured out. In the end it all works. I found a great deal on eBay and was able to pick it up for 100.00 shipped. Went on good but had to figure out the headlight with the high low switch to fall in compliance with Utah state laws.


Did I forget to mention new DOT approved tires


     I’m sure more things will be happening to the bike(like a seat concepts seat and a way to carry extra fuel)  I feel it’s time to start working on my gear.    Just off the top of my mind I need/want a MSR 6 L water bladder. I also would like some kind of chest/body protection. I have been eye balling some new pants. Maybe a wind screen.
This has been just way too much fun.

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