RTV My New Best Friend

Unfortunately, when I fix stuff I often break stuff here and there. I think the odds of me breaking something on a motorcycle if I’m doing work of different sorts increases exponentially the more I try to do.  

 In this instance I had just gotten done removing my front wheel to replace with a 21″ rim (a job that would prove costly and vain) when my right fork gently spun clock-wise. Normally this wouldn’t cause alarm, but as I looked at my fork gaiter I noticed it had torn perfectly across one of the middle ridges.  Bummer!  

That meant taking off the entire fork, maybe both to replace the gaiters, and that meant lots more time working on a bike I’ve vowed to get road legal in May.  

 I sat on taking the forks off a couple days while I grieved, and that turned out to be fortuitous. 

Our brains are amazing machines, you set a problem before a brain and it just goes to work on solutions. I remember reading or hearing about a rat study where they monitored the brains of the rodents while they travelled through a maze. Through this they did some rudimentary study of the areas of the brain that lit up while the rat worked its way though the maze. The cool party was that after the maze the scientists left the electrodes (or whatever they were) in place during the night.  While the rat was a sleep it’s mind ran over the maze like 10,000 times or some such amazing number.  

Well this must have happened to me because I thought why not glue the sucker back together?  

 Now truth be told I did have some less effective thoughts about how to remedy the tear, but I settled on RTV. It had some tantalizing properties, it came in black and would match, I had some in my garage and most importantly I was able to find it. 

Here’s how it worked out:


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