Fury Road #2

The excitement was considerable as we finished prep for the first day of the ride. We got off late, but still had time to snap a photo or two in Provo.

The bikes were running well and the scenery was great. Oh and the Sena 20S worked pretty good. 

Then down I went.
Well, Fury Road was a beat down like I had no idea I would receive. 

Yes, that’s my foot as I fell the first time. I ended up falling over three time on my fist ever single track experience. And it was on the first day!  

It did a number on my confidence and left me exhausted. 

We made camp that night in a beautiful little site and missed the bulk of rain that passed us by. 

As luck would have it my hammock dropped three times  due to bad tie-downs and seemed like a bad omen. 

After camp clean up and some breakfast we took off. Most of that morning was me getting left way back due to my uneasiness on dirt. And by the time we hit our first break I knew I was out of my depth and keeping the guys from fun riding. I left the skyline trail and headed back home only logging about 200 miles:(.  
I promptly listed and sold the CRF230. 
I’m done riding dirt. 

But Z and I found some bikes and an opportunity to get another good ride in coming back from La Habra, CA on these

More soon about our ride back from Cali on two brand new 2015 Honda Groms. 

Thunder Road #2 is coming quick. 


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