CT Videos (Good, Bad, Mostly Ugly)

This isn’t a CT but it was in UT and pretty impressive.

I’m a sucker for YouTube videos, so much good info (and some good wipe-outs as well). I wanted to have a place to archive all the cool/crazy vids I come across.

Check out this attention to detail:)

We love ATVTV and here he is doing a special on CT110s

Ah gee! Get a load of what this guy did to his CT90.

Postie vid.

Of course any Postie vid set to classic rock gets a spot.

This one’s in here because of attention to detail.

This stuff just cracks me up.

Another beaut.

I love the beach seen.

Posties and Guns?

This is a heck of a sight

This link isn’t CT, but it was so hideous that I had to slap it somewhere scroll down to the vids:


3 thoughts on “CT Videos (Good, Bad, Mostly Ugly)

  1. Hi mate!

    Here are two Postie videos from Australia. These are both CT110 2006 model “Australia Post” versions, that we have rebuilt. We use them for general mayhem and for adventure touring. We love the Posties here in OZ!


    1. Awesome! Thanks. You Aussies were our inspiration to buy and “tour” on these little bikes. I wish we had them made all the way up to 2006! Ride safe brother.

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