Parts & Stuff For Sale

I’ve got a nice seat for GL1000 for sale! Sold SOLD SOLD SOLD!

1983 Honda Nighthawk 650 with nearly new Night stalker vintage Vetter Fairing under 20k at the moment $1499, title in hand.

Selling the Z50 clone, $1200, but I’m still riding her all the time, too much fun not to.

Z’s CT70 Clone Pitster Pro 125 Classic $1199.00, he is moving and needs to thin the herd. Just send us a note if you are interested.

SOLD SOLD SOLD! ’84 Honda CT110 Engine (in need of a rebuild) with about 4600 miles on it for sale soon!  Send us a note if you might want it.

This isn't the engine but it looks just like it

sold! Enjoy the engine Morgan!


The ’66 is SOLD SOLD SOLD!

Dave in Minnesota we hope you get her running and show her off all over the place!


This sucker is over 9ft long, which means it is even longer than Rust Ring was for Epic Trek I.

Here’s a walk-around:


For Sale this AZ police patch, good shape.


$2.50 and I’ll ship it to you for free in cont. US.



Seat Mount off ’84 Honda CT110, good shape could use a little paint. Does not come with the bolt.
$3.00 and $2.00 shipping any where in Continental US.



10 thoughts on “Parts & Stuff For Sale

    1. Hi There, just wondering if you had any more of those brackets that gave the seat some extra height? I would love to buy one from you, don’t have any metal working stuff of my own. Bought a 72 CT90 mars orange in November ’13 with new Lifan 125cc engine.

  1. Hi there- I’m very interested in the 84 CT110 motor to convert my ’81 to a CDI ignition. I’m in Texas and I figure shipping in a cheap insulated cooler will be about $80. What are you looking to get for the motor itself?

      1. Good question, I don’t have a frame of reference. What would make you happy?
        Is there a less public way to have this conversation?

  2. Ok- we can probably make that work. Can you send me some history about the motor? Curious why you’re ditching it, what comes with it, etc. sort of wondering if I could just bolt it in and go.

  3. Still have the AZ hwy patrol patch? That’d be awesome in my collection! Awesome page by the way! I’ll send some pics of my project ’71 ct90 with ’84 xl100s suspension at both ends and still-in-box yx140 when I finish up in the next couple of weeks if you would like to see my first build? Running 18″ rear with the xl100s hub (originally 16″) is the only really modified part; well besides the obvious blended lovechild theme of course.

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